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The 7 Things you Must Know Before Hiring a Paintless Dent Removal Company. 

You may or may have not heard about Paintless Dent Removal or (PDR). This method is used to fix creases, dings, dents and hail damage on your vehicle’s body—without damaging the factory finish. A skilled PDR Technician uses special tools, which includes rods, metal picks, and pulling systems to reshape the dent back to its original state. PDR is both safe and effective for steel and aluminum panels because: 

  1. It does not weaken the panel or make it susceptible to rust or corrosion.
  2. The factory paint remains intact—if it is done correctly by a professional PDR Technician. 

The PDR process is not a simple one, it requires years of experience for a PDR Technician to perfect his craft and not every dent removal company has skilled Dent Technicians. At DINOS DENT DECEPTION we get many customers who were victims of bad work. 

To save you from this hassle, we have outlined the 7 most vital things that you should know before you decide to take your vehicle to a PDR company. 


#1 No Carfax 

Carfax is like a private eye that gives you a glimpse into a vehicle’s past, it gets the information from the body shops and automotive dealers. 

It is important to NOT have a Carfax, this report will decrease the resale value of your vehicle 

A conventional body shop will report to Carfax. However, that is not the case If your car is repaired at DINOS DENT DECEPTION. Because we are labeled as a Cosmetic Repair Shop and we are not obligated to file a Carfax report! 

You want a high quality repair done by a PDR Technician without a Carfax report.  


#2 No Paint & Bondo 

Skilled PDR Technicians can remove creases, dings, dents and hail damage by massaging the area back to its original form.  

This process is done without the use of paint, fillers, or bondo.  

Often, we hear about damages caused by shopping carts, by another car door and hail damage—being fixed with old, outdated, and invasive techniques.  


Professional PDR companies should only specialize in paintless dent removal where NO paint, bondo, or outdated techniques are used to repair your vehicle.   

When PDR is done properly clients are always surprised with the results, and the use of fast-noninvasive techniques.  


#3 Insurances Recommended Process 

So your vehicle was dented by another car or got damaged from a hailstorm. We know that it can be frustrating—and expensive. However, if you have full insurance coverage and think that the rates will go up, you are wrong. Hail damage falls under comprehensive damage & will not raise your rates. 

Here is what you can do: 

  1. Call you insurance company, file a claim. 
  2. Do not waste your time getting multiple estimates because your insurance company told you so. 
  3. Clean your car so that the appraisers can see the dent’s clearly. 
  4. After receiving the first appraisal, make an appointment with a Paintless Dent Removal company. 
  5. The estimate is not the end—it is a starting point, a professional PDR company will reevaluate the damage making sure everything is completely covered.
  6. If you choose a PDR company, your vehicle will be repaired in much less time with less invasive techniques than a traditional body shop.

At DINOS DENT DECEPTION our customers pay for quality, because when we work on a vehicle, the result is flawless. No one will be able to tell that there were any blemishes on your vehicle. We not only offer high-end service on PDR vehicle repairs but also bill the insurance company directly for any additional repair work. A completely seamless process where our customers receive their vehicle in a fraction of the time with no paint or bondo every time.  

At DINOS DENT DECEPTION we give you a written lifetime warranty. If any PDR company is not willing to give you a satisfaction guarantee and a written lifetime warranty— it’s time to find another shop.  



  • You have the choice to take your vehicle anywhere, your insurance company does not legally have the right to steer you to a repair shop. 
  • If you don’t get your car repaired, any future claims might be denied because of the “un repaired damage” clause on your insurance contract. 
  • Your dents will never come back, the PDR process guarantees it.  
  • “Acts of God” or “mother nature” damages are covered by your insurance company under comprehensive, hail damage is part of that.  
  • Your factory finish will remain the same and the value of your vehicle will not diminish. 

#4 Not All Dent Companies are The Same  

It’s true that not all dent companies are the same. You may hear stories about dent companies that leave many customers unsatisfied because they could not deliver the appropriate results. We get a lot of customers who have had this experience, the PDR company did a bad job and then they come to us—we fix it. 

PDR is a lot of plastic surgery, most of the time; you only get one chance to do it right.  And a dent company that can’t get it right the first time, will only make it worse the second time—we know this because we repair a lot of these vehicles that were victims of bad work. This ends up being a huge mistake for the end consumer because it wastes their time and costs much more in the end. There are some situations where the vehicle has been repaired so poorly, that the paint cracked and the only option would be to go to a bodyshop. 

We guarantee satisfaction! We do it right the first time—every time! 


What Happens When Your Vehicle Ends Up In A Body shop? 

  • Repainting will alter your factory finish and is never the same. 
  • The value of your vehicle is diminished. 
  • The average downtime is 7-14 days.  
  • A value-diminishing Carfax report is sent by the body shop or car dealer. 
  • 2-5 times more expensive than PDR. A $1500 repair at a body shop can usually be done for $300-$500 at a PDR shop.  


At DINOS DENT DECEPTION:  Most repairs are completed in hours, not days.  

  • No Carfax report, your vehicle is 100% factory fresh, meaning that the value of your vehicle will not diminish if you wish to sell it later. 
  • You get very low cost and exceptional results on door dings 
  • For hail damage and larger dents, we have the skill and the tools to massage those areas back to their original form, without damaging your factory finish.  

#5 Fast Turnaround Time  

If your vehicle has dings, creases or dents. We at Dino’s Dent Deception complete the repairs in a matter of hours. Our average time for completing repairs is (1-3 hours).  

Hail damage can be done in much less time without the use of invasive repair techniques.  

We have thousands of satisfied customers. If you are looking for professional service, unbeatable quality and paintless dent removal that leaves your vehicle the way it was before the damage. You found the right place! 


#6 Lower Cost  

Cost is the most significant factor when we compare PDR with body shops. Interestingly, there is no comparison. Our prices are significantly less than a body shop, usually its 1/3 of the price; this means in most cases a $1500 dent repair at a body shop will cost you around $500 or even less. You not only save time and money, you will be amazed by the results. Though our charges are very competitive, we have a relentless focus on delivering amazing results.  

#7 Better Quality 

Quality matters! The PDR process demands it because it is a skill that is earned through years and years of experience.  

When we repair your vehicle, we do it fast, we charge less and in the end, the repair is undetectable. And this is done without bondo or body fillers so that your original factory finish is original.  

We have 17 years of experience in repairing dents, creases, dings and hail damage—we put that pride back in your ride. 

Repairing at DINOS DENT DECEPTION is quick and easy. We are the best in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), providing PDR services since (2001). We have the skilled technicians and the tools to get your vehicle back into its original condition. With a written 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and Lifetime Warranty! 

Our customers leave with good memories and that is why they come back to us, and refer our services to family and friends. We are always courteous and ready to help.  

Got dings, dents, or hail damage? 

Don’t worry, we would be glad to help you out. Get a quote below or contact us today at (219) 318-0439. We look forward to speaking with you!   


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